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  1. Video for Get Your Arse off the Table

    Get Your Arse off the Table

    (AO) Half-caster, Toi Iti, questions the validity of Māori tikanga by delving into the world of Māori supersitions, protocols and lore. (PREMIERE)

  2. Video for Introducing Parliament

    Introducing Parliament

    Join our hosts as they take you through the inner workings of New Zealand Parliament and learn how you can get involved and have your say.

  3. Video for Under the Korowai

    Under the Korowai

    "Under the Korowai" looks at Te Whare Marie, a kaupapa Maori mental health service provider that is combining tohunga-led spiritual and cultural therapy and clinical methods to help young Maori und

  4. Video for He Māngai Wāhine - The Women's Voices

    He Māngai Wāhine- The Women's Voices

    Made with the support of NZ On Air. Drawing parallels and taking a look at a New Zealand that was divided not only by gender but also by race. This is the story of Māori women who have been forgotten by the mainstream narrative but not by Māori, for their involvement in the suffragette movement.

  5. Video for Great War Stories

    Great War Stories

    Witness a collection of six stories of individuals who fought in WW1.

  6. Video for The Silent Soldiers

    The Silent Soldiers

    (AO) The story of Te Kimiti Gilbert, a Māori engineer who began his demining career with the United Nations in Cambodia back in 1993. (PREMIERE)

  7. Video for Waitangi - What Really Happened?

    Waitangi- What Really Happened?

    (AO) This docudrama follows an imaginary news reporter who travels back in time to cover the days leading up to the Treaty of Waitangi 6th February 1840 signing, told in recreations and interviews

  8. Video for Land of The Long White Cloud

    Land of The Long White Cloud

    Claimed to be the largest surfcasting event in the world, the annual Ninety Mile Beach Red Snapper Classic attracts hundreds of anglers every February to compete for prizes in excess of $250,000.

  9. Video for Don Selwyn - Power in Our Hands

    Don Selwyn- Power in Our Hands

    (AO) Profiling Māori film and broadcasting legend, Don Selwyn, who left behind a legacy of talented young film and television experts that he mentored.

  10. Video for Target Zero

    Target Zero

    Target Zero. In the past two years, comedian Mike King has turned his attention to suicide prevention. This is the story of his work in the community to challenge and reduce the statistics.

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