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    State of emergency called for Nelson, West Coast as bad weather batters South Island

    The South Island's weather battering has forced a state of local emergency for the Nelson Tasman and West Coast regions.

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    Multiple districts evacuate as South Island continues to battle floods

    A state of emergency continues for Ashburton and Timaru, while other districts begin their evacuation procedures.

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    Earthquakes and tsunamis can't shake whānau spirits

    Whānau and communities came together today to keep everyone safe as tsunami warnings rang throughout the day.

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    ‘All the birds just left’ – the earthquake that forced people off the coasts this morning

    Kiwis evacuated on hills above their towns have been asked to wait for the tsunami alert all-clear - possibly as late as this afternoon.

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    Lower East Coast 'bumper to bumper' as they evacuate

    Now, evacuees have been told to wait for a tsunami all-clear.

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