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  1. Video for 78-year-old escapes quake-hit area

    78-year-old escapes quake-hit area

    Surrounded by whānau ready to feast on eel and crayfish brings great comfort to 78-year-old Rangi Whiunui, who says she was terrified when the quake struck after midnight yesterday.  “I was petrified,   I felt the force of the shaking and the drawer fell on my head, the mattress beside me fell down.  I didn't know what was happening, as a result I called out to take me outside.  I don't remember what happened after that.”

  2. News

    Oaro residents- 'Don't forget about us'

    The small community of Oaro just 15 kilometers south of Kaikoura are without running water and power with no access via roads.

  3. Video for Wellington's wild weather hampers quake clean-up

    Wellington's wild weather hampers quake clean-up

    Wellington's post-quake clean-up has been hampered by wild weather as the government continues to respond to the ongoing crisis caused by Monday's earthquake and multiple aftershocks. The capital has felt the sting of the elements, with severe rain causing flooding and the closure of many roads around the city.  

  4. Video for Kaikoura update

    Kaikoura update

    It was a long night for Kaikoura locals and tourists after a staggering number of aftershocks to hit the South Island.  At 1am this morning another 4.8 magnitude earthquake shook the town 5km to the west where the quake was 13km deep and Geonet reports that the quake was strong and intense.  

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    First US warship since NZ nuclear-free policy to assist with quake relief

    The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) is sending the multi-role vessel HMNZS Canterbury to help evacuate a large number of tourists and residents in Kaikoura and bring aid supplies to quake-affected areas.  The USS Sampson, due in New Zealand to take part in the Royal New Zealand Navy's 75th anniversary, may also be used to provide assistance according to Prime Minister John Key.

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    Tourism sector eager to rebound after quake

    Associations representing the tourism and hospitality industries have voiced concerns over the effects of the recent 7.5 earthquake on the tourism industry.  Māori activities and attractions account for a large percentage of tourist activities, with 24% of tourist activities relating to te ao Māori in 2015, according to statistics gathered by NZ Māori Tourism.   

  7. Video for Whangarei local voices concerns over tsunami warning system

    Whangarei local voices concerns over tsunami warning system

    A resident on the Whangarei harbour is concerned that he didn't hear the sirens warning of a tsunami.  This follows the reaction in the early hours of this morning to the earthquake in the South Island.Sirens went off on the east coast of Northland early this morning warning of a tsunami.

  8. Video for Seismologist says two quakes responsible for major damage

    Seismologist says two quakes responsible for major damage

    GNS seismologist Dr. Jason Ristau says today's earthquakes are some of the biggest to hit NZ in a long time.  Dr. Ristau says there were two significant earthquakes which came to a magnitude of around 7.5 with a reverse-faulting earthquake occurring south of Kaikoura causing a lift to one side of the ground and a strike-faulting event in the north near Seddon causing two areas of land to go past one another.

  9. Video for Wellington CBD emptied as quake damage assessed

    Wellington CBD emptied as quake damage assessed

    The Capital also suffered major damage following this morning's massive quake. The Wellington CBD was busy with emergency services assessing damage throughout the city forcing some people living within the CBD to seek accommodation elsewhere.  Te Kāea reporter Heta Gardiner was on the scene.

  10. Video for Locals near earthquake epicentre react

    Locals near earthquake epicentre react

    North Canterbury has been rocked by further aftershocks following this morning's earthquake. State Highway 1 from Hanmer Springs to Tekoa Range is shut and the small town of Cheviot just south of Kaikoura has been a stopping point for families and media wanting to get into the quake's epicentre. Our reporter Taroi Black has been talking to some of the locals there.

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