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  1. Becoming who I was.

    After a Buddhist boy in the highlands of northern India discovers that he is the reincarnation of a centuries-old Tibetan monk, his godfather takes him on a journey to discover his past.

  2. Video for Women of the Silk Road

    Women of the Silk Road

    Four women, four countries, four stories. A craft, a road and a film. This is the Silk Road, a place shrouded in mystery, where women still toil alongside the ghosts of their ancestors.

  3. Merata

    MERATA is the record of the life of a Māori woman, whose ambition was to tell stories from her own perspective, to her own people, and the barriers she had to overcome to do so. Directed by Heperi Mita.

  4. The Silent Soldiers

    This is a story which broadens out to encompass the entire Māori experience in World War One and a story that will appeal to all New Zealander's proud sense of heritage.

  5. Shows

    Home, Land and Sea

    Home, Land and Sea is a factual documentary series that highlights and promotes Māori success within the greater farming sector.  Over the course of the series we will showcase whānau, hapū and iwi-based enterprises that are putting Māori on the local map.  Home, Land and Sea will present an uplifting series that puts the spot light on the uniqueness of Māori within the sector, told through a Māori lens.

  6. Shows

    Beyond Matariki

    Join Professor Rangi Matamua as he explores the depth of knowledge that pertains to Māori astronomy. 

  7. Video for Mauri o Te Kauri

    Mauri o Te Kauri

    This film takes us on a journey through the Kauri lifecycle and exposes the imminent threat from the rampant disease that is wiping out the last of these remaining forest giants.

  8. Mauri o te Kauri

    'Mauri o te Kauri' is a documentary about the Kauri dieback disease made by the Coromandel Film Collective and directed by James Muir.  It is a beautifully crafted film that explains the desperate fight for the survival of the mighty Kauri trees in New Zealand.

  9. Video for JC tha Barber, Episode 10

    JC tha Barber, Episode 10

    JC is in the midst of a prank war with his next client. Luckily, another client who is a legend in the pranking world helps him to set a plan in motion. Featuring: Art Mann & Steve-O.

  10. In Conversation Shot Bro

    Panel discussion special with a focus on depression and suicide prevention all presented by Pio Terei in the lead up to the documentary Shot Bro following actor Rob Mokaraka through his own story of darkness.

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