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  1. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 16

    Ki Tua, Episode 16

    Educationalist Katarina Mataira speaks about Māori beliefs around child-rearing and the lessons gained from her parents, educators Te Heikoko and Junior Mataira.

  2. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 15

    Ki Tua, Episode 15

    Former television presenter and director Tihini Grant talks about his current work, sharing the knowledge passed down to him by his grandfather to those who want to know more about forest lore.

  3. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 14

    Ki Tua, Episode 14

    Since being told she was too fair-skinned to be Māori, Hana Tapiata has produced and a blog, vlog and two self-help books exploring traditional Māori concepts and their applications in modern life.

  4. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 13

    Ki Tua, Episode 13

    Editor and director Kereti Rautangata talks about his passion for kaupapa Māori and how its led him to only select work that aligns with this principles.

  5. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 12

    Ki Tua, Episode 12

    Ocean navigator, Mahara Nicholas talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of sailing waka hourua across the Pacific ocean.

  6. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 11

    Ki Tua, Episode 11

    Author, translator and academic Hemi Kelly talks about his reo learning vlog, how translating stories led to becoming an author, and the responsibility that comes with the privilege of being a Māor

  7. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 10

    Ki Tua, Episode 10

    Haka leader and Māori language exponent Tamati Waaka talks about whaikōrero, competition strategy and the need to regenerate our paepae.  

  8. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 9

    Ki Tua, Episode 9

    West-Auckland raised teacher, haka tutor and mau rākau exponent Hemi Tai Tin talks about holidays in Matawaia and how the desire to understand his grandmother led him to start his reo journey.

  9. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 8

    Ki Tua, Episode 8

    Tā moko artist Hohua Mohi explains the lessons in the story of Mataora and Niwareka, and the responsibilities of wearing moko.

  10. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 7

    Ki Tua, Episode 7

    Award-winning director and producer Te Whatanui Flavell credits his success to the sacrifices made by his parents, who were a part of the generation of Māori who reclaimed the use of te reo Māori.

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