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  1. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 26

    Ki Tua, Episode 26

    Tamahou Temara has had the enviable privilege of having an up-close and personal relationship with our nation’s treasures.

  2. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 25

    Ki Tua, Episode 25

    Raukura Huata is using her background in marketing to help her father produce their own wine and start her own boutique kai Māori delivery business in central Wellington.

  3. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 24

    Ki Tua, Episode 24

    Tipene Kapa-Kingi is helping government organisations to better understand how to engage with Māori in a meaningful way.

  4. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 23

    Ki Tua, Episode 23

    Kingi Rakete-Tane is a reo teacher with a fresh approach that is inspiring rangatahi to pursue it further. His passion for the language began during a dark time in his own youth, having chosen to a

  5. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 22

    Ki Tua, Episode 22

    Kawiti Waetford went to London to start a career in opera, but while there learning about the forms of language and the vocal dynamics of opera he began to feel the pull to come home and start his

  6. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 21

    Ki Tua, Episode 21

    Isaiah Apiata is keeping the tradition of inter-cultural discourse and international brotherhood alive on Te Tī ki Waitangi Marae, a role he has prepared for since elders chose him to receive the h

  7. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 20

    Ki Tua, Episode 20

    Alana Thomas has found her vocation in representing iwi, hapū and whanau claimants in Waitangi Tribunal inquiries. However this descendant of Ngāti Rehia, Ngāti Kuri began her path into the law aft

  8. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 19

    Ki Tua, Episode 19

    Musician, performer and teacher Horomona Horo speaks about his journey to discovering taonga puoro and te ao Māori.From current events and important issues through to formative moments in their liv

  9. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 18

    Ki Tua, Episode 18

    Clinical Psychologist and researcher Dr Waikaremoana Waitoki explains the essence indigenous psychology and talks her research project looking at racial oppression.  

  10. Video for Ki Tua, Episode 17

    Ki Tua, Episode 17

    Haka performer and tutor Greg Koia speaks about his passion for pātere and mōteatea - traditional-style chants, and his does and don’ts when it comes to composing Māori songs.

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