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  1. Keeping up with the times: new safeguards for free-to-air television

    Changes to timebands and classifications are coming to free-to-air (FTA) television on 1 May 2020. A new campaign is launching today to tell viewers, especially parents and caregivers, what they need to know to be ready.

  2. Changes to free-to-air television timebands and classification labels

    10 February 2020 Viewers will soon be bidding farewell to the decades-old PGR and AO labels on free-to-air (FTA) television and welcoming the familiar G, PG, M, 16 and 18 labels onto their screens.

  3. Video for BSA to review television timebands

    BSA to review television timebands

    The timebands which dictate the hours that certain content can air are under review in a round of public consultation being undertaken by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA).  

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