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    Anti-mandate protestors cross Auckland Harbour Bridge

    Credit  / Freedoms and Rights Coalition NZ Māori Wardens will escort anti-mandate protestors across Auckland Harbour Bridge today, according to an RNZ report.

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    Gov't abandons Tāmaki's $785 million cycle bridge

    The $785 Million cycle bridge over Auckland's Waitematā Harbour, championed by Transport Minister Michel Wood as a "missing link" for the city’s transport network, has been scrapped.

  3. Video for PM defends $685m spend on Auckland Harbour Bridge for cyclists

    PM defends $685m spend on Auckland Harbour Bridge for cyclists

    It comes as the government is cancelling additional infrastructure projects including the Mill Road motorway upgrade through southern Auckland from Drury to Manukau.

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    All city-bound lanes to close on Auckland Harbour Bridge overnight Saturday

    There will be no city-bound lanes open on the harbour bridge Saturday night. 

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    Auckland Harbour Bridge remains open, despite windy weather

    Forecast 90 kph wind gusts did not reach expected levels on Auckland Harbour Bridge today avoiding plans to close the bridge to traffic, but transport authorities are warning that closures may happen at very short notice if necessary.

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    Auckland motorists advised to plan for traffic delays, for weeks

    Motorists in Auckland are urged to plan ahead and consider working from home due to heavy congestion and travel delays caused by structural damage to the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

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