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  1. Video for Skindigenous, Episode 12

    Skindigenous, Episode 12

    The ancient city of Palenque was once a hub of Mayan civilization. It was here that Indigenous artist Samuel Olman chose to set up his traditional Mayan tattoo practice.

  2. Video for Skindigenous, Episode 11

    Skindigenous, Episode 11

    Nakkita Trimble is the only tattoo artist from the Nisga’a Nation. Along with elders from her community, she hopes to revive the traditional process of tattooing known as gihlee’e.

  3. Video for Skindigenous, Episode 10

    Skindigenous, Episode 10

    Marjorie Tahbone, an Alaskan artist of Inupiaq heritage, was first among the living women of her family to get her traditional chin tattoo.

  4. Video for Skindigenous, Episode 9

    Skindigenous, Episode 9

    Here in Aotearoa a tattoo renaissance is underway, & Gordon Toi plays a key role in the process. His studio House of Natives is more than a tattoo shop, it is a cultural institution.

  5. News

    Rotorua Aronui Indigenous Arts Festival postponed

    September 20  is the new date an organisers are hoping alert levels will have dropped by then.

  6. Video for Māori artists look to new ways to make a living after Covid-19 lockdown

    Māori artists look to new ways to make a living after Covid-19 lockdown

    The cancellation of national and international art festivals across the globe due to Covid-19 pandemic has left many Māori artists having to find other avenues to make a living. 

  7. Video for Sex workers showcase their art in Auckland

    Sex workers showcase their art in Auckland

    Depot Artspace in Devonport is hosting the Sex Workers of Aotearoa; A Day in the Life of exhibition.

  8. News

    Location of Endeavour replicas open for discussion

    Community consultation on the location on the two new replicas of Captain James Cook's ship,  Endeavour, replicas will take place this week at the Gisborne District Council, starting this evening. This follows a peaceful protest by tangata whenua and community members, who requested public consultation on what is acknowledged by the council as a contentious matter. 

  9. News

    ‘Art as activism’ new art collection to explore climate change and indigenous voices

    More than 20 creatives from across Aotearoa are coming together to launch a new online collection of multimedia and video art.

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    The art of tattoo becomes a lens for exploring some of the planet’s oldest cultures. Experience their unique perspectives on life, identity and the natural world.

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