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  1. Video for Aroha Bridge, Marae Mysteries Ep 5

    Aroha Bridge, Marae Mysteries Ep 5

    The twins must go to their Marae for a DIY weekend and their annual dose of solving mysteries.

  2. Video for Aroha Bridge, The Wall Ep 6

    Aroha Bridge, The Wall Ep 6

    A wall is erected in Aroha Bridge.

  3. Dino Time

    Three kids who travel back in time to 65 million years ago, where they are taken in by a dinosaur.

  4. News

    Groundbreaking indigenous cartoon to launch on Australia’s NITV

    A groundbreaking new series exploring indigenous Aboriginal culture, country and language is about to launch on Australia’s NITV. “Little J & Big Cuz” is a contemporary children’s animation series offering a proud and positive view of Aboriginal Australia and the opportunities for learning within it to young Indigenous kids as they prepare for school.

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    Kura Kaupapa students behind animated Māori film

    The world's first bilingual animated movie from New Zealand could be set to hit the screen by 2020.

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    Aroha Bridge

    Musical twins Kowhai and Monty are determined to make it in Aroha Bridge; the only thing standing in their way is their multi-cultural whānau.

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