What's up with the Tumoanas

Meet the whānau, passionate, feisty, hard-out Māori, the Tumoana whānau show us exactly what's up.

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Series 2

Episode 1:
It’s been a minute since we last saw the Tumoana’s so we catch up with this crazy-busy, Māori-centric whānau as they entertain us with what’s new in their world, tell us who’s doing what to who and who shouldn’t be.

Episode 2:
Tahuri is performing with Te Tira Hou at Te Hui Ahurei a Tūhoe and while the girls are all there to cheer him on, it wouldn’t be a true Tumoana outing if there wasn’t some serious mocking of their dad while he attempts warrior status. The dogs need babysitting but will Whaea Anna be able to say goodbye?

Episode 3:
Rehia takes a class as a student teacher, hoping that the kids or the pressure don’t get the best of her. The whānau head off to Waiwera Hot Pools with Waka, one of the many whāngai the Tumoana’s have supported. And who’s brave boyfriend makes his first appearance?

Episode 4:
Tahuri solves the mystery of what he actually does for a job. The whānau travel to Tokānu to help Tahuri’s dad Ariel clean up his latest acquisition – a mammoth task that no-one’s really up for.

Episode 5:
Whaea Anna’s mother, Mum B invites Anna and Ngārangi to lunch with The Red Hat Ladies. Ngārangi is intrigued by this bunch of older Pākehā women and their kaupapa. Tahuri takes his mates and Rangimonoa for a testosterone filled ‘Boys Day Out’.

Episode 6:
It’s Rēhia’s 21st, Ngārangi’s birthday and the Kura Tuarua Nationals, all in one event filled weekend in Napier.

Episode 7:
Whaea Anna competes with Ngā Tumanako in the Tāmaki regional kapa haka competition and the whānau end the series doing what they love the most - eating and giving each other heaps!