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Whare Taonga focuses on the histories of iconic structures that hold great meaning for iwi, hapū and whānau from around Aotearoa. Available On Demand.

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Whare Taonga, Series 4 Episode 12 - Te Mana o Turanga

Whakatō Marae commemorates the tipuna Rongowhakaata.  The wharenui, Te Mana o Turanga, is the sister wharenui to Te Hau ki Turanga, which is housed at Te Papa Tongarewa museum.  Like Te Hau ki Turanga, Te Mana o Turanga was carved under the tutelage of master carver and chief Raharuhi Rukupo.

Whare Taonga, Series 4 Episode 11 - Ranginui

When a fire destroyed the original whare that stood at Hairini marae in 1935, Ngai Te Ahi, with the support of surrounding iwi, embarked on a long labour of love to collectively fundraise, carve, create tukutuku and mill timber to build a new one. After more than 20 years of hard work, Ranginui whare was opened in 1965 with more than 3000 attendees. 

Whare Taonga, Series 4 Episode 9 - Kapohanga a Rangi

Kapohanga a Rangi wharenui, Hiruharama marae, is located north of Gisborne at Ruatorea. Named after a woman, this whare acknowledges and celebrates the matrilineal heritage of the descendants of this rohe. Mana wahine is a key characteristic of the people here, where it is not uncommon to see women speaking on the marae.

Whare Taonga, Series 4 Episode 8 - Te Paku o te Rangi

Pūtiki-Wharanui-a-Tamatea-Pōkaiwhenua marae was named to commemorate Tamatea, tūpuna of the Tākitimu waka.  The wharenui, Te Paku o te Rangi, was opened by Mete Kingi Paetahi in 1877 and displays distinct features of the Whanganui carving style. A key feature is the low doorway which is said to humble those who enter by prompting them to bow as they walk into the whare. 

Whare Taonga, Series 4 Episode 4 - Toa Rangatira

Tonight: Toa Rangatira wharenui is located at Takapuwahia marae in Porirua. It was built in 1982 to commemorate the migration of Ngāti Toa from Kawhia in the 1800s. Ngāti Toa are descendants of the chief Te Rauparaha, who composed the world famous haka Ka Mate.