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Whānau Living videos.

Whānau Living, Series 5 Episode 2

Gretta Carney makes her life changing loaf of bread & Nicola Kawana transforms part of the garden. Jenny-May Clarkson, Dean & the twins get active as a family by going on a morning walk up Mt Eden.

Whānau Living, Series 5 Episode 1

Karena and Kasey Bird share their love for food and great recipes. Beez Ngarino Watts talks about healthy workouts & Maihi Makiha creates a unique wall feature for the whare.

Whānau Living, Series 5 Episode 38

Stacey Morrison prepares a beautiful kai with special guest Jessica Hutchings and gets some great budgeting and finance advice for those that are looking to start their own businesses.

Whānau Living, Series 5 Episode 36

Simon Gault pays a visit and shares his expertise, Maihi has some great ideas for re-using tee-shirts and Nicola shows how we can take part in revitalizing the plantation of natives.

Whānau Living, Series 5 Episode 35

Kate Hawkesby shares her kitchen tips on how she keeps herself and her whānau healthy. Doug up-cycles a wine barrel into a kai cooker and Maihi makes some eye-catching candle holders.

Whānau Living, Series 5 Episode 34

Stacey learns easy recipes from Ashia Ismail-Singer, Jenny-May gets some expert puppy advice and later joins an international movement, bringing people together for community park runs.