Whānau Bake Off

Join host Kahurangi Maxwell on Whānau Bake Off for exquisite kai and friendly whānau competition. Talented bakers share recipes and time-saving baking tips but who will win the whānau bragging rights?

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Whānau Bake Off, Series 2 Episode 9

Pere Wihongi and Tūhoe Tamaiparea are Poi Pro’s, Kapa Haka Queens and Netball Naturals – but they reckon their baking skills are a bit rough. Luckily Delaney Mes is on hand to help.

Whānau Bake Off, Series 2 Episode 10

Husband and wife team, Anthony and Kathy Dunn won Marae Kai Masters as a team but today, they’re pitting their competitive natures against each other in an epic bake off. Monique Fiso is called in to judge.

Whānau Bake Off, Series 2 Episode 11

It’s all about the bro’s as brothers Matua and Reuben Parkinson swap rifles and catch bags for spatulas and oven mits. Cameron Petley of Cam’s Kai chooses the winner and imparts a few handy baking tips.

Whānau Bake Off, Series 2 Episode 12

Twin sisters Riria and Loren have been compared to each other all their lives, so they jumped at the chance to bake off against each other. We’re also joined by irrepressible singing chef, Luke Bird.

Whānau Bake Off, Series 2 Episode 15

Entertaining and competitive sisters Lanita and Kihi aka “The Native Diva” and “The Creative Native” go head to head to win bragging rights and prizes. Judging today is Executive Chef Nancye Pirini.

Whanau Bake-Off, Series 1 Episode 15

Wiki and Ngawai are cousins who bake seriously delicious kai – Rewena with Creamed Paua, chocolate coated shortbread and the perfect sponge cake. Tumanako Tinirau gets to taste but somehow must choose a winner.