Waka to Worlds

Waka to Worlds follows the lives of the New Zealand Waka Ama Elite Junior Men and Women’s teams in their quest for gold at the 2022 IVF World Sprint Championships. New series, Tuesdays 8.30pm.

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Waka to Worlds, Episode 4

G, The teams do final prep before they leave for London and, with only six seats and seven paddlers, yet to be decided is who will make the final lineup.

Waka to Worlds, Episode 2

G, . NEW: With only four weeks out from the championships and limited training time left, the teams learn first-hand the reality of being elite athletes.

Waka to Worlds, Episode 1

G, . A behind-the-scenes look at the world of elite waka ama, following the NZ J19 Elite Womens and Mens teams on their road to the 2022 IVF World Sprint Championships in London.