Wairua attempts to shed light on some of the many questions we have about spirits and the spiritual world.

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Wairua, Series 1 Episode 7, Subtitles

One of our kaikōrero will share his experience of crossing over, when after an accident he glanced back and noticed his earthly body inside his mangled truck beneath a newly felled tree.

Wairua, Series 1 Episode 6, Subtitles

Our learned speakers share their thoughts on Mākutu and Mate Māori. It is said negative thoughts are a powerful tool to activate Mākutu, and only Tohunga can remove it and prevent Mate Māori from occurring.

Wairua, Series 1 Episode 5

Foreseeing future events was a necessary skill in ancient times and has been handed down through generations to a chosen few. Aspects of this ancient art will be shared by modern day practioners.

Wairua, Series 1 Episode 4, Subtitles

Tonight: A range of visions and dreams will be shared by those skilled in this area, highlighting caution to be taken if danger or threats against another loom. It could also be an out of body experience.

Wairua, Series 1 Episode 16

The topic of wairua will be covered and the question will be answered from a Māori perspective of ancient times, through to the present.(SERIES FINALE)