Wairua attempts to shed light on some of the many questions we have about spirits and the spiritual world.

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Ep 01 – What is wairua?
The topic of wairua will be covered and the question will be answered from a Māori perspective of ancient times, through to current times. We’ll hear explanations about the wairua of human beings and the wairua contained in all things that exists everywhere.

Ep 02 – Spiritual beings / children
This episode is about the wairua of unborn children and what happens to their wairua in the event of death, stillborn, miscarriage or abortion.

Ep 03 – Spiritual beings / Urukehu / Patupaiarehe
The topic of this episode is about spiritual beings, dwellers of the forest, patupaiarehe. Those who have heard of them, or have had personal experiences, will share their stories of how they overcame the deceptive actions of these beings.

Ep 04 – Dreams /visions
A range of visions and dreams will be shared by those skilled in this area, and will highlight caution to be taken if danger looms, or threats

Ep 05 – Seers / Tohunga
The art of foreseeing future events was a necessary tool in ancient times and has been handed down through the generations to a chosen few. Aspects of this ancient art will be shared by modern day practioners.

Ep 06 – Mākutu / Mate Māori
Our learned speakers will share their thoughts on Mākutu and Mate Māori. It is said negative thoughts are a powerful tool to activate Mākutu, and only Tohunga can remove it and prevent Mate Māori from occurring.

Ep 07 – Crossing over
One of our kaikōrero will share his experiences when he crossed over, and as he glanced back he noticed his earthly body inside his mangled truck beneath a newly felled tree. The process of crossing over and the loved ones they communicate with, will be shared by several other speakers. A song was composed to acknowledge this experience.

Ep 08 - The Afterlife
In this episode, a variety of views will be shared about where our loved ones dwell in the afterlife, from the realm of Hinenui to pō, to the many levels of heaven.

Ep 09 - Ghosts
This is one of many topics that if it’s not talked about, a lot of people will remain ignorant about the reason these spirits remain earthbound as ghosts. Our kaikōrero will share their thoughts about it.

EP 10 – Mate Māori
Our kaikōrero will talk about mate Māori and how it impacts on ones life and the precautions they can take to ward it off. Mate wairangi is another interesting topic that challenges people’s perceptions of what it actually is.

EP 11 – Māori Health
Our kaiwhakaora will speak about the importance of ensuring a safe environment for both the tūroro and their wairua. They’ll demonstrate some healing and clearing techniques under the guidance of the atua and their kaitiaki.

EP 12 – Treasures
The sacred and ancient treasures handed down through the generations since time immemorial. What lies behind the mystery of these treasures?

EP 13 – Sacred Areas
A strong energy is felt on the sacred areas of the land. It’s an area you can’t be ignorant about.

EP 14 – Guardians
There are many kinds of guardians that watch over us. Some are taniwha, some are tipua, and some are angels.

EP 15 – Spirits
The realm of Tāne is full of Wairua.  Each one has a distinctive sound. Our kaikōreo will share their experiences with Wairua.

EP 16 – The Holy Spirit
Our Kaikōrero will share their thoughts about The Holy Spirit, The Nurturing Spirit, Māori Prophets and their prophetic sayings and the role of Māori in Aotearoa.