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Undertow, Episode 1

(AO) Let the undertow pull you to a time and place where Aotearoa was still being carved out; both its land and its people. It’s 1840 and all the players are here, join us for "The Ragged". (PREMIERE)

Undertow, Episode 2

(AO) In 1869 colonial greed reigned supreme. The second Taranaki Land Wars saw vicious fighting in the north, and race relations changed forever. Tune in for the second chapter - Dog & Bone.

Undertow, Episode 3

(AO) The third chapter of Undertow, "Public Works" challenges the way we remember, commemorate & reconcile ourselves to our war history and reveals the crippling effects war has on soldiers.

Undertow, Episode 4

(AO) In the final chapter of Undertow, 'The Landeaters', modern forces of development & economic growth try to uproot a stubborn old man, but Veteran Harry Kenning is ready to fight. (FINAL)