Tradition on a Plate

Monique and Henry, from My Kitchen Rules, return to our screens for a deliciously entertaining series serving up tradition on a plate.

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Tradition on a Plate, Episode 1

Monique and Henry Heke from MKR show their unique and vast cooking style focusing on Māori cuisine with a modern twist. Learn steps to a delicious affordable home-cooked meal with comedy along the way.

Tradition on a Plate, Episode 2

Pork Bones and Watercress was a staple food in most households in the 70’s. Monique and Henry aim to revive this tradition and incorporate some old technique, healthier solutions and add in a new ingredient.

Tradition on a Plate, Episode 3

The days of 8 hour Hāngī are over. Henry and Monique literally bring the stones inside to cook a Hāngī within two hours, delivering the smell, the flavour and the nostalgia that will leave you wanting more.

Tradition on a Plate, Episode 4

Pāua, the “Black Gold of the Sea”, is smashed, crashed and bashed by our delectable duo, plating up Pāua Frittetes, Panko Pāua Crumbed Haloumi Balls with Avocado Mousse.

Tradition on a Plate, Episode 5

Rewana, Takakau & Paraoa Parai are the 3 staples for Māori in Aotearoa and abroad. If the Nostalgic smells of Nans bread are not enough, tune in to watch Monique and Henry serve up the breads from Yesterday… Today!

Tradition on a Plate, Episode 6

Ara Ara Mata is Monique and Henry’s “Go To Dish”, giving you the taste of the ocean, tantalising every taste bud yet keeping it fresh, affordable and delicious for all ages.

Tradition on a Plate, Episode 7

If you think you’ve tried Inanga, you haven’t tried Monique and Henry’s Inanga Delight with Watakeri Keremi. It’s healthy, it’s light and it’s most certainly a delight!

Tradition on a Plate, Episode 8

Tiritiri o te Moana is Henry and Monique’s interpretation of what the indigenous Rock Lobster means to them. See how they shape this traditional kai into a myriad of wonders on a plate.

Tradition on a Plate, Episode 9

There is nothing more traditional than the Tītī or Mutton Bird. With its unique flavours, Monique and Henry cut through the bitter with the sweet and make a traditional dish contemporary for today's palate.