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Te Tēpu is a ‘must-watch’ for lovers of the Māori language. This half-hour current affairs show sees three panelists join Chris Winitana at the table to discuss a major issue of the week. The emphasis is on putting breaking news in context, and examining issues from Māori perspectives. Available On Demand.

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Episode 33, Wednesday 18 November, 9.30pm
The Urewera National Park was returned to Tūhoe this year as part of its treaty settlement and the new board - made up of four Tūhoe and four Crown reps - had its first meeting in October and one of its first decisions was to suspend hunting in the Urewera while it comes up with a new system. Korotau Meihana-Tait, Maui Te Pou.

Episode 32, Wednesday 12 November, 9.30pm
The origins, history and culture of the largest tribe in the country, have been published in a new book, Ko Tautoro, Te Pito o Toku Ao: A Ngāpuhi Narrative where author Hone Sadler explores the unbroken chain of Ngāpuhi sovereignty through his own hapū of Ngāti Moerewa, Ngāti Rangi and Ngāi Tawake-ki-te-waoku, from Tautoro and Mataraua in Northland.

Episode 31, Wednesday 05 November, 9.30pm
After decades of delivering programmes such as Waka Huia, Tagata Pasifika and Marae Investigates TVNZ has announced its closing its Māori & Pasifika unit. They will instead outsource the production of the majority of their shows to independent companies. Te Karere will stay in-house as part of TVNZ’s news unit. What does this substantial shake-up at the state broadcaster mean for the future of Māori programming? Tonight Chris Winitana speaks with a former head of Māori Programmes, Whai Ngata, the producer of Marae, Tini Molyneux, and veteran broadcaster Hemana Waaka, who all started their television careers at TVNZ. Te Tēpu, tonight at 9.30pm on Māori Television

Episode 30, Wednesday 29 October, 9.30pm
A Māori action film is taking mau rākau to the masses. “The Dead Lands” hit cinemas this week, and like the amazing fight scenes within it, it’s set to make an impact. Join Tainui Stephens, Te Kohe Tuhaka and Waihoroi Shortland as they discuss the challenges of balancing the demands of the action genre with Māori authenticity and dramatic appeal. Te Tēpu, 9.30pm, Māori Television

Episode 28, Wednesday 15 October, 9.30pm
Next year, a long-held dream of Hekenukumai Busby will finally be realised, when Te Tai Tokerau Tārai Waka opens its school of traditional waka navigation. Tonight Chris Winitana talks with Hekenukumai Busby, Hoturoa Kerr, Āwhina Twomey and Turanga Kerr about their love of waka and traveling the high seas.

Episode 27, Wednesday 08 October, 9.30pm
Will Māori be well served by National? What should Te Ururoa Flavell's priority be as the new Minister of Māori Development? Join broadcaster Wena Tait, lawyer Tai Ahu and Māori academic and commentator Dr. Ranginui Walker as they assess the political landscape. Te Tēpu, 9.30pm on Māori Television

Episode 26, Wednesday 01 October, 9.30pm
Ngā Manu Kōrero began nearly 50 years ago to encourage the fluency of Māori secondary school students in English. Today Ngā Manu Kōrero is the pre-eminent speech competition for Māori orators in either English or Te Reo. Tonight Pouroto Ngaropo, Te Ataakura Pewhairangi and Mātai Smith discuss the influence this competition has had on Māori students and their whānau. Te Tēpu, tonight at 9.30pm on Māori Television.

Episode 23, Wednesday 10 September, 9.30pm
Our voices, instruments and musical traditions have shaped our people throughout the years. They're also a record of our histories, stories and aspirations. On a personal level certain songs can transport you instantly to important moments in your life. For seven years now the Waiata Māori Music Awards has celebrated the diversity and excellence of Māori music in Aotearoa. But how important is our music today? How do we value and nurture it? ​

Episode 22, Wednesday 03 September, 9.30pm
This year ‘Te Panekiretanga o te Reo Māori’ celebrates its tenth anniversary.  The course was set up in 2004 by Professor Timoti Karetu to support competent speakers of Te Reo Māori that were expected to lead in oratory and tikanga in their workplace, on their marae, and other places of influence. Join Te Rita Papesch, Leon Blake and Pānia Papa as they discuss ‘Te Panekiretanga o Te Reo Māori. 

Episode 21, Wednesday 27 August, 9.30pm
Two hundred years ago the gospel arrived in New Zealand.  Join the Archbishop Brown Turei,the Venerable Dr Te Waaka Melbourne and Reverend Michael Tamihere discuss the influence the missionaries had on Māori. Tonight on Te Tēpu, 9.30pm Māori Television. 

Episode 20, Wednesday 20 August, 9.30pm
The election campaign has only just officially started but it is already shaping up to be one for the history books. Join Dr Ranginui Walker and Wena Tait, tonight at 9.30pm, on Te Tēpu.

Episode 19, Wednesday 13 August, 9.30pm
A man who was convicted and hanged for one of the most notorious murders in New Zealand colonial history has been pardoned. Te Tēpu, tonight at 9.30pm on Māori Television. 

 Episode 16, Wednesday 23 July, 9.30pm
Should Te Reo Māori be compulsory in schools? Join Hemi Dale, Rāhera Shortland and Anaru Martin as they discuss this controversial topic on Te Tēpu. Tonight at 9.30pm on Māori Television 

Episode 15, Wednesday 16 July, 9.30pm
The Waitangi Tribunal is looking into whether the Crown is breaching the Treaty of Waitangi by leaving part of the wreck of the Rena in the Bay of Plenty.  Dr Hauata Palmer, Rangi Butler and Nepia Ranapia discuss this tonight on Te Tēpu at 9.30pm, Māori Television 

Episode 14, Wednesday 09 July, 9.30pm
The Minister of Māori Affairs wants to change the government's Māori language strategy. But the idea is already causing some controversy. Tonight on Te Tēpu, join Sir Tamati Reedy, Maanu Paul and Waihoroi Shortland as they discuss the new Māori language governance structure Te Mātāwai. 

Episode 09, Wednesday 04 June, 9.30pm
A recent study by Hana Turner found that the teachers she talked to blamed Māori students and their families for their lack of success in the classroom. Kaa Williams, Te Wharekōtua Turuwhenua, and Evelyn Tobin discuss teacher expectations in the classroom. Te Tēpu, Tonight 9.30pm, Māori Television. 

Episode 06, Wednesday 14 May, 9.30pm
The 2004 launch of Whakaata Māori was the result of more than 30 years of struggle to ensure Te Reo Māori became a living and everyday language in New Zealand. This week on Te Tēpu, broadcasters Waihoroi Shortland, Stacey Morrison and Eruera Morgan look at the extent to which the channel is contributing to the revitalisation of Te Reo Māori. 

Episode 01, Wednesday 09 April, 9.30pm
We're turning our attention to the Far North where one in five Māori whakapapa to Ngāpuhi -- making it the country's largest tribe. They're on the brink of negotiating with the Crown to settle their Treaty claims with elections to Tuhoronuku, a 22-person IMA (Iwi Mandating Authority), taking place later this month. But concerns remain within the tribe, is Tuhoronuku the right vehicle for their aspirations to hold rangatiratanga over their own affairs?