Te Pātaka Kōrero

A thirteen part series presented by Haare Williams, featuring a rich backlog of Radio New Zealand’s archival recordings of Māori commentators and history makers. Tuesdays, 9.00pm on Te Reo channel.

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Te Pātaka Kōrero videos.

Te Pātaka Kōrero, Series 3 Episode 12

Hemi Whautere talks about The Bulldog pool at Ngāwhā springs and the story of Kareariki and her dog, the healing properties of Ngāwhā and the local taniwha that dwell in the nearby waterways. (REPEAT)

Te Pātaka Kōrero, Series 3 Episode 5

Series 3 - An inspirational history series utilising storytelling, presented by Haare Williams. Tonight: Taupua Winikerei seamlessly weaves a history that traces the king movement to its roots. (REPEAT)