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Aroha Noa

Tracing the 30 year history of the Johnsonville based family and youth social service - Challenge 2000. These are the moving stories of those involved, from 1988 til present day.

Sgaawaay K'Uuna

(AO) In the 19th-century, two families gather for their annual fishing retreat. Adiits'ii accidentally causes the death of his best friend's son and hastens into the wilderness. (2018)

Blue Water Empire, Introduction

M, An introduction to the Torres Straits, and a fascinating exploration of the concepts that shaped Torres Strait Islander Culture and custom before white settlement.

Eating Up Easter

. The people of Rapa Nui from Easter Island use lessons learned from their past to solve environmental and social challenges brought on by tourism and development. (2018)

Love and Friendship

G, . A recent widow uses her calculating exploits to secure a suitable wealthy husband for her daughter and herself. Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Sevigny (2016)

Croker Island Exodus

After the WWII bombing of Darwin, 95 Aboriginal children and their missionary carers make a remarkable journey to safety. 70 years on, the now-elderly travellers look back on their epic journey. 


M, . (M) Explores the origins of this influential movement and profiles many of its members who campaign for change. (2015)

Old Dog

G, Retired New Zealand farmer and dog trainer Paul Sorenson passes on his knowledge to the next generation of shepherds. (2018)