Someday Stories

Six Sustainability-focused short films by emerging New Zealand film makers that push the envelope and look to the future. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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Someday Stories 6, Maumahara

. (PG) A young Māori boy joins his rugged dad on his night shift recycling truck job, his dad spends the journey trying to impress upon him the importance of not losing his reo.

Someday Stories 6, Mary Mary

M, . (M) 1963, Aotearoa. An out of wedlock pregnancy forces 18 year old Mary to take things into her own hands at great personal risk, altering the course of more than one life.

Someday Stories 6, Birthday

M, . (M) A young boy who is impatient to celebrate and his tired babysitter stay up well past bedtime waiting for his long overdue parents to return home.

Someday Stories - Pet Day

G, . When horse-loving best friends Dani and Gabe prepare for their schools annual Pet Day, they learn something about Dani’s Step-Dad that will change their lives forever.