Shear Bro

Follow the characterful Paewai-Mullins whānau through the highs and lows of Main Shear, the busiest and most drama-filled months in the shearing world. Series repeats, weekdays, 12.30pm.

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Shear Bro, Series 1 Episode 1

Main Shear has started and Aria is the fearless boss keeping the family business alive. Tuma has a crew to get up to speed and Punga has started a cafe in town.

Shear Bro, Series 1 Episode 2

Paewai Mullins are shearing at one of their biggest farms when romance blossoms. The price of wool is a worry for Aria and so is her cook sleeping in two mornings in a row.

Shear Bro, Series 1 Episode 3

Tuma has trouble with a machine at a local farm and Punga tries something new. Jared and Isaiah get their first learner stands, the 5th generation of Paewai Mullins to use a hand piece.

Shear Bro, Series 1 Episode 4

Aria makes headlines as the first shearing contractor with an all-women’s team in a shed. Punga welcomes a world champion darts player and has a surprise in store for his dad.

Shear Bro, Series 1 Episode 5

Freak thunderstorms are playing havoc with the shearing in Dannevirke. Aria juggles a business course and parenthood as well as the sheds and the injuries Tuma has are playing up.

Shear Bro, Series 1 Episode 6

It’s the biggest annual event in Dannevirke – the A&P show – and Aria’s crews are prepped and ready to compete. Koro is the cheeky MC of the show and Punga Mullins stages a comeback.

Shear Bro, Series 1 Episode 7

There’s a heatwave in Dannevirke as Main Shear comes to a close. Punga’s under pressure at the cafe and Aria’s crews get ready for the biggest shearing event in NZ, Golden Shears.

Shear Bro, Series 1 Episode 8

For over 40 years Koro and Mavis Mullins have helped run Golden Shears, the biggest shearing competition in NZ. Five whānau members enter, but who will make the finals? (FINAL)