R&R is a fresh current affairs talk show with a unique perspective on issues arising from our modern lifestyles hosted by radio personality, Clint Roberts. Sundays, 11.30am.

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R & R, Series 3 Episode 38

Is being PC killing our sense of humour? Kiwis used to pride ourselves on our laid back sense of humour. Today's Guests discuss a new sense of anxiety creeping across the country.

R & R, Series 3 Episode 37

PM Jacinda Ardern is on record saying the arts are an integral part of kiwi culture. Today's guests, discuss what this means for artists and non-artists.

R & R, Series 3 Episode 36

With a PM who is also a new mother, could we be seeing a change in the perception of stay at home parents and could more men step into the role? Today's guests, Adam Mamo, Boyd Broughton & K’Lee discuss.

R & R, Series 3 Episode 34

Every generation the music industry seems to change its distribution method. Today our guests, Rei McDougall, Theia & Seth Haapu discuss what that means for musicians.

R & R, Series 3 Episode 33

125 years of suffrage and women are still struggling for gender equality. Today's guests, Lee Belk, Shannon Haunui-Thompson & Helen Te Hira discuss what needs to change.

R & R, Series 3 Episode 32

Today's guests, Jerome Te Paa, Joanna Woolcott & Tweedie Waititi, discuss what is happening to the real estate market and home ownership in this country.

R & R, Series 3 Episode 31

Today, we grill a wide cross section of our guests on their greatest worries for New Zealand’s future, and ask what needs to be done to address those fears.