The Ring INZ

A fresh, new vibrant style of comedy drama, with bold characters, a collision of relationships and personal interactions all centred on this motley crews unburning passion for kapa haka.

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The Ring Inz, Series 1 Episode 1

(AO) This motley crew must overcome their differences to put on the performance of their lives. Will it be enough for a win at the Kapa Haka Nationals? Tonight, Tūturu Whakamaua Kia Tina get a chance to silence the haters.

The Ring Inz, Series 1 Episode 3

(AO) Noise complaints are hampering Turuz progress but not as much as Teeps haka composition. The battle between Koakoa and her mother continues and Whaea Mavis finds inventive ways to feed the group on a strict budget.

The Ring Inz, Series 1 Episode 4

(AO) Kahu is so focussed on his fitness goal that he can’t see what’s going on right under his nose. Mavis has had enough of the kai cut-backs and has a plan in mind.

The Ring Inz, Series 1 Episode 5

(AO) Nanny Fanny heats up her pursuit of Moke. Tdub tries to get Teeps enthusiastic about the new haka he’s composed and Sina finally grows a pair, getting her own back on Puhi.

The Ring Inz, Series 1 Episode 6

(AO) Puhi is saved from getting sprung by an unlikely source while Teeps and Tdub have a haka-off. Mavis, Fanny and Moke make an incongruous threesome and there’s some shocking news for the group to deal with.

The Ring Inz, Series 1 Episode 7

(AO) Teeps must confront his whole approach with the group. Mavis struggles to explain her truth to Moke and Fanny finds comfort elsewhere. Turuz stands in front of their whānau at the dress rehearsal – the final stop before Te Matamano.

The Ring Inz, Series 2 Episode 1

(AO) With Teeps back at the helm, Turuz prepare for Te Mataiti. They aim to take out the competition but some surprising arrivals leave Turuz in a big old mess mess.

The Ring Inz, Series 2 Episode 2

(AO) Puhi gives Kahu some news but swears him to secrecy, leaving Kahu in a bind. Moke continues his quest to win Mavis’s heart and hand, while Fanny aims to secure a mokopuna from Koakoa.