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The Ring INZ, Series 3 Episode 3

(AO) Turuz are overjoyed with the new order of leadership, Manu ramps up his questionable business venture, and Hana has it out with a Mataiti judge over the group’s mark for te reo.

The Ring INZ, Series 3 Episode 1

(AO) Teeps has shocking news for Turuz, Koakoa tries in vain to convince Tdub to step up, and Kahu is having difficulty juggling his new position & looking after the twins.

The Ring INZ, Series 2 Episode 7

(AO) Feeling responsible for Sina’s absence, Koakoa agrees to a hui. Later, while Boarding the bus for the Mataiti, Fanny goes missing and when she is located the kapa are dumbfounded.

The Ring INZ, Series 2 Episode 6

(AO) There’s a rat in the kitchen and it seems to have a fascination with Teeps. Sina’s voice coach turns up at practise and she is forced to choose between haka and her future.

The Ring Inz, Series 2 Episode 5

(AO) Mavis’s stress levels go through the roof and the kapa are left to fend for themselves. Koakoa finally accepts Teeps’ idea for the whakaeke and Roland is given an ultimatum.

The Ring Inz, Series 2 Episode 4

(AO) Teeps is struggling to come up with a whakaeke and enlists the help of a dodgy source. Meanwhile, Fanny offers Mavis her wedding planner services and she won’t take no for an answer.