Ride or Die

An inspirational series that sees six obese strangers embark on an emotional and inspiring challenge that will change their lives forever. Screens Wednesdays at 8.00pm.

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Ride or Die On Demand episodes 

Ride or Die, Episode 4

Tonight, nutrition week challenges the participants to develop healthier relationships with both food and ultimately themselves.

Ride or Die, Episode 3

Tonight, the participants are in Napier to get a feel for the Iron Maori event, where they are hit by the magnitude of the course.

Ride or Die, Episode 2

Tonight the participants face their very first challenge, a 24-hour fast. Later, they’re confronted with the reality of their life-choices when they undergo medical assessments.

Ride or Die, Episode 1

Six people embark on a life-changing journey to overcome their lifelong weight struggles. Guided by a team of experts, their ultimate goal is to participate in Iron Māori.