Rere te Whiu

(AO) Rere Te Whiu is a skit-like magazine comedy that showcases kīwaha in the appropriate contexts. Available On Demand.

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Rere Te Whiu, Episode 1

(AO) Tānemahuta has his first day of kura, Tangaroa gives Pānia the history about the fish & chip shop, and we head to the rugby field as Mana & Toa battle for captain of the rugby team.

Rere Te Whiu, Episode 2

(AO) Tānemahuta meets his new friend Tame Kurūhi on the bus ride to kura. Te Keka initiates his first intake of warriors, and Pānia dreams of breaking free from the fish & chip shop.

Rere Te Whiu, Episode 3

(AO) Tāne experiences kura kaupapa for the first time. The rivalry of Toa & Mana carries on from the night before, and we get an insight into the crazy mind of Te Keka.

Rere te Whiu, Episode 4

(AO) Tāne & Tame discuss different religions, Toa gives the best pep talk of all time, and Te Keka brings in an expert in patu and poi.

Rere te Whiu, Episode 5

(AO) Tāne & Tame discover there are sometimes two sets of rules while playing a game of Cops and Robbers. Toa & Mana can’t help but clash, and Tangaroa recites a sacred karakia over Pānia.

Rere te Whiu, Episode 6

(AO) Tāne & Tame get into a heated conversation, Toa & Mana fight over who should make the final conversion, and Toki is fed up with Te Keka’s putdowns.

Rere te Whiu, Episode 7

(AO) Tāne & Tame explore the effects of 1080, and Toa is feeling down after making a call that costs his team the game. At Ika Parai, the arch nemesis of Tangaroa returns to the shop.

Rere Te Whiu, Episode 9

(AO) Tāne & Tame talk about kai hauora, and Toa & Mana are at each other’s necks again during prize giving. Pānia reconnects with an old school friend and dreams of him as her future husband.

Rere te Whiu, Episode 10

(AO) Tāne starts selling moko templates that Tame has designed, Mana spots a hottie in the clubrooms, and Pānia realises how lucky she is to have such a depth of history in her family.