Rediscovering Aotearoa

The series travels Aotearoa meeting young Kiwi's as they discuss the impacts of colonisation today, modern race relations and how they are decolonising themselves. Made with the support of New Zealand On Air.

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Rediscovering Aotearoa

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Rediscovering Aotearoa, Episode 1

Atamira Tumarae-Nuku, a Maungapōhatu local welcomes Tait Burge, an inner-city Wellington conservationist to Te Urewera. How do we protect our land when we are disconnected from it?

Rediscovering Aotearoa, Episode 3

There are 110 statues or monuments in Wellington, but only 10 represent Māori narratives. Safari Hynes & Peter McKenzie meet to discuss whose ancestors are represented around the city.