Real Pasifik

Join Chef Robert Oliver as he travels across the South Pacific Islands and meets extraordinary people, ancient cultures and dives into the heart of one of the most exciting cuisines in the world. Available On Demand.

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Real Pasifik, Series 1 Episode 13

In Tahiti Robert Oliver faces the tough challenge of transforming the rustic village food of Marquesas Islands into gourmet cuisine for Le Meredian Resort’s exclusive menu.

Real Pasifik, Series 1 Episode 12

Robert Oliver comes face to face with ‘The Rock of Polynesia’ as Niue’s harsh coral surface severely restricts what grows there. With only 12 consistently available ingredients Robert must borrow ideas from traditional Niuean cuisine to create dishes for Matavai Resort’s fine dining menu.

Real Pasifik, Series 1 Episode 11

Devastated by the 2009 Tsunami, the Latia Sini Beach Resort has been rebuilt and now it’s time to update the menu. Robert Oliver combines the community spirit of Tsunami recovery with the ancient art of Samoan umu to create a delicious feast.

Real Pasifik, Series 1 Episode 10

Robert Oliver braves active volcanoes, bow and arrow hunting and the sharp tongue of a bossy village cook to uncover Vanuatu’s finest regional dishes. But will his versions of rustic Tanna Soup and street snack Tuluk impress the head chef of luxurious Le Lagon Resort.

Real Pasifik, Series 1 Episode 9

Robert Oliver scales mountains, goes bush shopping, hunts reef octopus and gnaws on seaweed in a quest for Ra Province’s purest ingredients. Volivoli Resort has upgraded from backpackers to boutique resort and it’s up to Robert to adapt dishes from Fiji’s hinterland to reflect this upmarket change.

Real Pasifik, Series 1 Episode 8

It’s a race against time and Robert’s going to have to work his magic and help these young chefs translate rustic, local products into fine dining, haute cuisine for tourists.

Real Pasifik, Series 1 Episode 7

We travel back to some of the exquisite locations and people we visited across the series. Robert Oliver delves deeper into recipes and techniques with food heroes and the local chefs, inspired by their own culture, are getting really creative.