Pūrākau is a children's animated series of story time focused on Māori Myths and Legends.

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Pūrākau, Episode 12

. Today’s Pūrākau will help us to understand the meaning behind the famous saying of Ngāti Whakaue ancestors, Tūnohopū and Te Roro-o-te-rangi "Ruia taitea, ruia taitea kia tū ko taikākā anake

Pūrākau, Episode 10

. Today’s legend is from the Te Arawa people. It is the story of the ancestor Rangiwhakaekeau and his son Rangiteaorere who posed the phrase, ‘He kotahi nā Tūhoe, e kata te pō’.

Pūrakau, Episode 9

Haara is a woman who talks to birds and lives in the great forest of Puketi. Her closest friends areTui and Kaka, together they find medicinal plants to heal the people.

Pūrakau, Episode 8

Today’s purakau is the Maori story of how geothermal energy came to Aotearoa. We will follow the footsteps of Ngatoro-i-rangi and his sisters Kuiwai and Haungaroa.

Pūrakau, Episode 7

. Today’s pūrākau takes place in the far north. It is the legend of Rāhiri, his sons and the sacred kite known as Tūhoronuku.

Pūrākau, Episode 4

. Today's pūrākau is about one of the most precious treasures of Aotearoa, the pounamu, commonly known as greenstone. This is the story of the beautiful Waitaiki and the taniwha Poutini.