Pōtae Pai

A new instructional arts series for 6 - 9 year olds about all things tamariki! Available On Demand globally.

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Pōtae Pai videos.

Pōtae Pai, Series 1 Episode 1

Join Krystal-Lee in a fun-filled episode where you'll learn how to make the all-time classic playdough. Are you ready to engage your senses of sight, touch and smell? Karawhiua!

Pōtae Pai, Series 1 Episode 3

Make some musical magic by learning how to create a super-sounding kazoo! In this episode of Pōtae Pai, Krystal-Lee also teaches you about the vibrations of sound.

Pōtae Pai, Series 1 Episode 4

Need an ice-cool, refreshing treat? Join Krystal-Lee to learn how to make tasty lemonade with a delicious twist and take a look at the science behind what makes lemonade fizz!

Pōtae Pai, Series 1 Episode 6

Hop into this episode with Krystal-Lee and learn how to make your own jumping frog and then Krystal-Lee reveals a fun math game to play using your new frog friend.

Pōtae Pai, Series 1 Episode 7

Jump into this episode as Krystal-Lee shows you how to make a fun bunny costume. With a bit of focus and some crafty skills you'll make a costume good enough for any costume party.