Join Waioira and Rereahu, two rangatahi on a competitively wild journey, a seriously action-packed, adrenalin-pumping adventure series, as they visit the most popular fun spots in Aotearoa.

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Paia videos.

Pāia, Series 1 Episode 52

Rereahu and Waioira bump, roll, and flip over whilst trying to win a game of Bullrush wearing giant inflatable bubbles. Who will succeed and who will be knocked off their feet? (FINAL) (R)

Paia, Series 1 Episode 49

Waioira & Rereahu are locked in a themed room and their common goal is to break out in an hour using objects around the room, find clues and solve puzzles. (R)

Pāia, Series 1 Episode 47

Waioira and Rereahu are armed with a 12 gauge pump action, semi auto shotgun to shoot as many clay birds out of the sky as they can. Who will have the eyes of sniper?