Paepae, a new studio-based current affairs show on Māori Television where rangatahi and pakeke alike step up to the paepae to debate the latest issues with father and son duo Tūpoutahi and Chris Winitana.

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Paepae, Series 1 Episode 10

Our oratory benches are becoming more and more depleted of speakers and callers so what’s the solution, is it time to change the rules?.  Paepae 6:30pm.

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 12

This week on Paepae we speak with parents who couldn’t speak Māori but raised their children at home speaking Māori. Māori Television Sunday evening at 6:30pm.

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 14

Matariki is a time to remember those who’ve passed, it also heralds the Māori New Year and new beginnings.  The question that hangs over the paepae this week is whether mātauranga Māori is still relevant. 

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 16

A poi to a Beyonce song has gone viral on Facebook with more than one and a half million hits.  The producer and choreographer are our Paepae guests this week.

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 17

It's been 40 years since Māori language week began and we have more Māori language speakers but less people learning.  Guests Hinurewa Poutu and Tawhirimatea Williams share their thoughts on Paepae this week. 

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 18

The indigenous image is becoming more present in the world of gaming, if left unchecked our Maori digital identity will be created by non-Māori according to our Paepae guests this week.