Paepae, a new studio-based current affairs show on Māori Television where rangatahi and pakeke alike step up to the paepae to debate the latest issues with father and son duo Tūpoutahi and Chris Winitana.

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Paepae, Series 1 Episode 1

Te reo Māori has just been included in the overall score at Matatini raising concerns from some groups. Our guests this evening Leon Blake and Orini Tīpene-Leach. (PREMIERE)

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 2

Easter is when we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This evening on Paepae, Tūpoutahi asks, “When I die, where does my spirit go to?”.

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 4

Blessing our children with water – how popular is this traditional ritual today? Anaha Hiini and Jeremy MacLeod have both put their children through this traditional practice.

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 6

Next month the best films like Boy will feature at the annual Wairoa film festival. But the question on the pae is where are the films made by fluent speakers?

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 7

This evening on Paepae we ask to what extent is the internet changing the way we communicate when increasingly we’re seeing death notices appear on Facebook.

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 8

Where does the future lie for our Iwi radio under the new Māori language bill and governance role of Te Mātāwai? Our guests, Wena Tait and Rāwiri Waru.

Paepae, Series 1 Episode 9

Pikihuia Māori Writers Award has inspired Māori story tellers like Peti Nohotima for twenty years with stories no one else was telling.  She joins Huia publisher Brian Morris Paepae 6:30pm..