Ngā Waru Pūmanawa

This reo Māori documentary series showcases reo excellence of Native speakers from Te Arawa.

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Episodes 1 - 13

Full episodes, SUBTITLED below;

Episode 1 - Napi Waaka

Today Kahurangi travels to Mourea to meet kaumātua, Napi Waaka, to discuss Waiata, Te Reo, and the life style of those who live on the shores of Rotorua.

Episode 2 - Cathy Dewes

Today Kahurangi travels to Waikuta on the banks of lake Rotorua where she visits Doctor Cathy Dewes to discuss the secrete to her success in education and her outlook on life.

Episode 3 - Waata Cribb

Kahurangi Maxwell travels to Maketu to meet with, Wāta Cribb, to discuss the coastal lifestyle lived by Te Arawa.  And the landing of the Te Arawa waka to this area.

Episode 4 - Makoha Gardiner

Kahurangi Mawell travels to Tikitere to meet with Makoha Gardiner and discusses issues of Education and Lifestyle for Māori.

Episode 5 - Rawiri Waru

Kahurangi Maxwell tours through her own home of Ōhinemutu with local Rawiri Waru to talk about Ngāti Whakaue and his musical talents.

Episode 6 - Mercia Yates

Kahurangi Maxwell travels to Kuirau to meet Merica Yates to discuss Education and Culture in this modern day and age.

Episode 7 - Anaha Hiini 

Kahurangi Maxwell travels to Waiariki Polytechnic to meet Anaha Hīni, to discuss the revitalisation of Te Reo and the lifestyle of a Tōhunga in modern day Rotorua.

Episode 8 - Mereana Ngatai

Kahurangi travels to Rotowhio to meet with Mereana Ngatai and discuss culture and fashion as she longs to inspire our Rangatahi in these treasures past down through the ages.

Episode 9 - Mītai Ngātai

Today Kahurangi travels to meet Wētini Mītai- Ngātai to discuss the secret to his success in business and kapahaka. Also his outlook on life.

Episode 10 - Manu Neho 

Kahurangi Maxwell travels to Okere to meet with Manu Neho and discuss Māori wellbeing, physical and spiritual.

Episode 11 - Ngamaru Raerino

Today Kahurangi Maxwell braves the cold and spends indoors with local Awahou kaumātua Ngamaru Raerino.  Nestled in his lakeside retreat Ngamaru shares his life story from movie writer to education specialist.   

Episode 12 - Pihopa Kiingi

Kahurangi Maxwell returns home to Ōhinemutu to meet kaumātua Pihopa Kīngi to discuss Whānau, Te Reo and the life style of those who live in the pā. 

Episode 13 - Tuki and Renata Curtis

Kahurangi Maxwell finds herself doing a ‘Cross Fit’ work out with School Principals Tukiterangi and wife Rēnata at their newly located Kura in Owhata. They both tell Kahurangi of their Kura ambitions, kapahaka visions and everything in between.