Moon Tide Fishing

Celebrates fishing to the Maramataka - the Māori Lunar Calendar, with presenter Nore Martin. This ancient knowledge shows where and when to fish, according to the phases of the moon. Series 2 Tuesdays, 8.00pm.

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Moon Tide Fishing On Demand.

Moon Tide Fishing 2, Episode 10

PG, Weather is perfect in this Tangaroa-ā-Roto phase for Nore Martin and fellow anglers, Letitia and Tangaroa Butler, to target deep monsters at the Bay of Islands’ famous taonga, Motukokako.

Moon Tide Fishing 2, Episode 9

PG, Nore Martin is with one of New Zealand’s top sustainable fishermen, Adam Davey, heading to a reef targeting yellow tail kingfish, and diving for rock lobster in the Ariroa phase.

Moon Tide Fishing 2, Episode 8

PG, . Tangaroa-ā-roto, eight days after the full moon. Nore heads to the winterless far north to tag along on an extreme snapper mission with Flynn and Paul Jack.

Moon Tide Fishing 2, Episode 5

PG, . Nore Martin and one of the Matau Bros travel to Groper Rock to target big snapper and yellow tail kingfish, what they do land is something quite special.