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Kōwhao Rau - Matangi Rau videos.

Matangi Rau, Series 6 Episode 13

Enoka Munroe hails from Whakakī and shares his childhood memories about growing up in a rural Māori speaking community. He recalls his teaching career which spans over decades. He also reflects on years of support of Radio Kahungunu. (FINAL)

Matangi Rau, Series 6 Episode 12

Irihapeti Nukunuku runs her own Kōhanga and has a lot to say about what’s been happening with Kōhanga and the Kōhanga Board over the past year. She also talks about the things she used to do when she was a child.

Matangi Rau, Series 6 Episode 11

Kahu Waitoa was born in Tikitiki. But, has been living in Napier for around 40 years. Tātere visits her and they talk about not being able to speak Māori at school, yet they could only speak Māori at home.

Matangi Rau, Series 6 Episode 9

Tātere talks with Kehu Thompson, whose mother is from Te Whānau ā Apanui and father from Ngāti Kahungunu. He grew up in Kihitū and today he talks about the food in the Wairoa river, he also speaks of Nanny Hana Cotter, as well as supernatural acts.

Matangi Rau, Series 6 Episode 8

Marge Smith was brought up in Whakakī, and also attended Te Whakakii Native School. Today, her and Tātere talk about te reo Māori in Hastings when she first moved there. She also speaks about her line of work.