Mahi Pai 2

Join Te Ataakura Pewhairangi and 6 colourful taniwha. Children explore through waiata and active play while combining Te Reo Māori and New Zealand sign language into pure unbridled fun! Wednesdays & Fridays, 6.40am. Repeats same day at 3.15pm.

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EPISODE 4 - Kōura Prints

Learn how to make Kōura Prints.


•    A craft foam sheet
•    White paper
•    A sharp pencil
•    A pointy stick
•    Water based ink
•    A roller
•    Black cardboard paper
•    Scrap cardboard paper
•    Scissors
•    Glue

1.    Start by folding the foam paper in half and cutting it down the middle. Do the same with the white paper. 

2.    Now, take the pencil and draw your kōura design on the foam paper. 

3.    When you’re happy with your drawing, take the pointy stick and firmly draw over your pencil design so that it’s indented.  

4.    Next, squeeze a blob of ink onto the scrab cardboard, and spread it evenly over the roller. Today we’re using red, just like the colour of kōura, but you can use any colour you like. 

5.    Roll a thin layer of ink over the craft foam, adding more as needed. 

6.    Now the fun part, carefully place the white paper over the craft foam, making sure it centred. Smooth it down with your hand, and then peel it off to reveal your cool kōura print. 

7.    Once it’s dry, you can either leave it as is, or glue to a piece of black cardboard paper, just like we’ve done here.