Mahi Pai 2

Join Te Ataakura Pewhairangi and 6 colourful taniwha. Children explore through waiata and active play while combining Te Reo Māori and New Zealand sign language into pure unbridled fun! Wednesdays & Fridays, 6.40am. Repeats same day at 3.15pm.

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EPISODE 17 - Kōpūnui and it's powerful gravity


  • String
  • Paperclips
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • magnets 
  • Metal ruler


  1. Tie some paperclips to pieces of string. You’ll see the paper clips do not fly into the air, they stay on the table, That is because the gravitational force pulls the paper clips toward the Earth.
  2. Now tape the string in place onto the table 
  3. Place three magnets along a metal ruler. (If you’re using a wooden ruler, you can tape the magnets on)
  4. Suspend the ruler above the paper clips, or you can make a stack with some blocks to place the ruler on. Be sure the magnets are facing down.
  5. Slowly lift each paperclip toward each magnet 

Magnetism and gravity are very different, but this experiment kind of shows you how strong the gravitational pull on Jupiter is, which is why so many asteroids and comets hit it, because it pulls them towards it.