Mahi Pai 2

Join Te Ataakura Pewhairangi and 6 colourful taniwha. Children explore through waiata and active play while combining Te Reo Māori and New Zealand sign language into pure unbridled fun! Wednesdays & Fridays, 6.40am. Repeats same day at 3.15pm.

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EPISODE 11 - Greeting Cards

Learn how to make Greeting Cards.


  • Cardboard paper 
  • Red paper for your heart
  • And gold paper for your star
  • A sharp pencil
  • Glue


  1. Start by folding the cardboard paper in half, this will be our card. 
  2. Next, fold the gold paper in half, then lightly draw one half of a star at the folded edge. Once you’re happy, take the scissors and carefully cut folded edge making sure you cut both sides of the paper. Once you’re done, open it up, and there you have a star. 
  3. Now we’re going to do the same with the heart. Lightly draw half of a heart shape at the edge of the paper. Carefully cut it out, and then open it up to reveal your heart. 
  4. Next take your shapes, and glue them to the cards. And there you have it, you’re very own card, which is even more special because you made it yourself.
  5. Now all you have to do is write a lovely message inside and gift it to a loved one, maybe your mum or dad!