Life of Kai

A 10 part culinary journey showcasing ten of the best Māori culinary artists at work sharing their tips and tricks to give Māori Kai a modern edge.

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Life of Kai, Kasey & Karena

G, Kasey & Karena Te Awa- Bird have toured the world, won international awards, and the acknowledgement of fellow chefs. But what are their lives actually like and who are they really?

Life of Kai, Joe McLeod

G, Joe McLeod is on a mission to revive traditional Māori food practices. He shares with us a culinary world & knowledge that many people thought were lost forever.

Life of Kai, Brad & Emma

G, You could be forgiven for thinking Falls Retreat has been around forever. How did this thriving business appear in the middle of nowhere? Join us this week with owner & Chef, Brad King.

Life of Kai, Rewi Spraggon

Rewi Spraggon is a man of many talents – a chef, a carver, musician and artist – but a hāngi master at his core. Where will his passion for hāngi take him next?

Life of Kai, Peter Gordon

G, A boy from Whanganui who happens to be a chef, Peter Gordon reveals why he’s about to embark on a big life change, and how getting in touch with his Māori roots is at the heart of his excit

Life of Kai, Jay & Sarah

G, Jay Wanakore and Sarah Chase are all about keeping it real. How tough has the road to being recognised foodies been? And how did they turn a once ‘toxic’ relationship into a recipe for success?

Life of Kai, Naomi Toilalo

G, What made Naomi Toilalo want to combine baking and teaching a language at the same time? Does it really mean she gets to spend more time with her kids and what’s next for this industrious mum?

Life of Kai, Reni Wereta-Gargiulo

G, In one year she lost her dad, separated from her husband, and was made redundant… with two teenagers and less than a month of income to tide her over, the first of Reni Gargulio’s food businesses Kiwi Kai was born. So what’s next on the menu for this Queen of Kaimoana?

Life of Kai, Nat & Les & Becks

G, Nat, Les and Becs Watene decide to start Sweet As Bowl - a Kiwi-fusion plant-based food truck. We dive right in and find out what triggered that decision and find out if husband, wife and sister-in-law can all work together.