Kuia will take us back to their younger days, they will tell of a time when electricity was a rarity.

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Kuia, Series 2 Episode 13

84 year old Rev. Rose Stainton from Tuwhakairiora Wharekahika talks about life as a widow and being told to join the Anglican ministry.

Kuia, Series 2 Episode 12

Awa Hudson A very young Kuia at 78. Awa, from Haranui Kaipara, is full of laughter as Joy Ngaropo-Hau chats with her about her life overseas in the airforce with her ‘pommie’ husband.

Kuia, Series 2 Episode 11

Takawai Christina Jacobs (78) o Te Aupōuri who was born at Rawene Hospital and grew up and schooled at home and in Pawarenga at a time when Māori was spoken at home and English at school.

Kuia, Series 2 Episode 10

Profiles of our last remaining kuia. Told through a series of intimate conversations these kuia remember the Aotearoa of their youth and share their wisdom

Kuia, Series 2 Episode 9

9. Te Whaea Queenie Irimana (81) o Ngāti Ueoneone, Taniwha, Rēhia, Pākehā who grew up in Kaikohe and schooled at the Kaikohe Native School and Wilson Home, Ākarana where she had surgery on her leg.

Kuia, Series 2 Episode 8

This episode signals a very special opportunity to learn from an elder in the company of her very own niece, kai korerorero Te Aroha Paenga.

Kuia, Series 2 Episode 7

Tonight we hear from Te Kahurangi June Hinekahukura Mariu, 83, of Te Whānau a Apanui and Ngāti Porou. She grew up in Whangaparaoa with her tīpuna and parents and attended school in Wharekahika, Whangaparaoa and Wikitoria ki Ākarana.

Kuia, Series 2 Episode 6

Tatiana Materoa (Morunga) Thompson, 80. Ngāti Manawa, Ngāti Hiku, Ngāpuhi, was raised in Panguru with her 12 brothers and one younger sister by their widowed father. As a married woman she was part of the huge fund-raising efforts to establish Te Ūnga Waka marae in Newmarket and later in her life undertook academic studies to gain her Bachelor of Teaching in Kura Kaupapa Māori.

Kuia, Series 2 Episode 5

Te Atarani Harris 81 year old Te Atarani Harris is  Ngāti Mahuta but resides as ahikerekere on her husbands lands in Hokianga Motukaraka. She chats with with MTS kaikorerorero Joy Ngaropo-Hau about going to Rome to fetch the bones of Bishop Pompalier and repatriating them to the Hokianga.