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Koroua, Series 1 Episode 26

The Māori world view shared by Koroua Joe Malcolm is one filled with his recollections and stories as a student and also as a professional teacher in many different towns and communities, his love of sport and recreation, and his skill as a natural musician. What an interesting life to stimulate the viewer in recognition of a precious elder who continues even today to give of his energies and his loving soul. Noho ora mai e te koroua rangatira.

Koroua, Series 1 Episode 25

The Māori world view shared by Koroua Takapātai Mete Waaka is one filled with the industry and lifestyle of work, faith, and love for others over time that offers the viewer new insights to his interesting and rewarding life.

Koroua, Series 1 Episode 24

Erika Edwards, 80. The Māori world view shared by Koroua Erika Edwards is made more interesting as we see the full effects of educational practices that punished children for speaking te reo and its impact on his life as a young adult. However, his self-belief and trust in whānau-based traditions helps him to recover and live a full and active life of service to others. 

Koroua, Series 1 Episode 23

The Māori world view shared by Koroua Tiemi Matewai Whaanga provides glimpses into the lives of people who grew up in Nūhaka and his working years in the freezing works and in prison service.

Koroua, Series 1 Episode 22

Koroua Rangikotuku Ritai, 87, is uniquely significant because he offers insights and perspectives nurtured from the heart of Parihaka that even today continues to maintain and perpetuate the traditions and tikanga of Tohu and Te Whiti. Those traditions are now recognised by international indigenous people as a focal point of non-violent resistance to government imperatives, yet in our own Aotearoa – New Zealand there are so many who do not know, or who avoid knowing! 

Koroua, Series 1 Episode 21

Koroua Anaru (91) traces his whakapapa links to the early days of his Koroua tuarua a Wiremu Kīngi Tūtahuarangi who traveled throughout the region from Opotiki to Tūranga and was involved in early conflicts including the pursuits to capture Te Kooti. His tipuna was also caught in a web of deceit by his association with Carl Volkner who was sending reports of anti-government activity by Māori directly to the New Zealand Governor, Thomas Browne and McLean.   

Koroua, Series 1 Episode 20

The Māori world view shared by Koroua Te Ariki Morehu is one that offers glimpses into the full and interesting life of a gentle yet worldly elder. 

Koroua, Series 1 Episode 19

Koroua Carlo Smith (80) is one of great fortitude and energy, of a driving force of commitment to work, and an intelligence to discover and explore new horizons by undertaking new learning.  What an extraordinary life and what an inspiration for those who hear these stories – noho ora mai e te rangatira, noho ora mai i roto i te rangimārie.

Koroua, Series 1 Episode 18

Koroua Tom (87) remembers the times of his rugby playing days. We learn that he was an effective front row forward of the team who represented Bay of Plenty and travelled to games in Papamoa, Paeroa, Northland and Auckland at the time of the famous Brooke brothers and John Kirwan. He also opposed some famous international players such as Springbok, Jarpa Bekka in 1956 who admired Koroua Tom’s strength as a player.