Kitchen Kura

Thirteen students share their recipes with the master, chef Rex Morgan, and then serve them up for their closest and dearest to critique.

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Kitchen Kura, Series 1 Episode 1

Cooking for that special occasion? Rex Morgan steps in to help make a dish that little bit different. Tonight: Claire from Kaikohe is hosting a dinner fundraiser towards the school swimming pool.

Kitchen Kura, Series 1 Episode 3

Jennifer wants to prepare a meal for the homeless and learn about healthy meals on a tight budget. Rex’s menu includes venison stew, buttered cabbage and fry bread with caramelised pears.

Kitchen Kura, Series 1 Episode 4

Mark is going to prepare a whānau birthday dinner for his brother and hopes that Rex will help him with a seafood dish. Tonight they prepare seafood fritters, whole baked fish and chocolate mousse.

Kitchen Kura, Series 1 Episode 5

Makere has a 40th birthday dinner coming up and is looking for some easy finger food for 100 guests. Venison baguettes, meat patties with family recipe chutney and paua fritters are on the menu.

Kitchen Kura, Series 1 Episode 6

T has always had a passion for cooking and would love to create something tasty out of nothing. With Rex’s help, he is preparing chicken Crostini, porchetta and tiramisu.

Kitchen Kura, Series 1 Episode 7

Katarina is always doing fundraisers with kai and her aim is to do another with a hāngī. Mince balls, stuffing with horopito butter and steamed pudding are the highlights.

Kitchen Kura, Series 1 Episode 8

Teresa is training to become a Chef and she wants to create something different and joyful. Tonight Rex and Teresa make pumpkin soup with a curry swirl and a deconstructed lemon curd cheesecake.

Kitchen Kura, Series 1 Episode 9

Chad would love to gain more skills so he can cook for his family and friends. Rex helps prepare a crayfish bisque with handmade pasta and a side salad with a lemon and raspberry dressing.