Kina's K9s

Meet Kina the Border terrier, the host of Kina's K9s, where he will show you around the world of dogs in Aotearoa. From the farm to the salon, Kina explores the diverse world of dogs with his master Papa Kamupūtu.

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Kina's K9s videos

Kina's K9s, Series 1 Episode 9

Got a secret? Well Kina and his new mates from Detector Dogs will sniff it out. You can run but you can’t hide from the best doggy noses in the business of detection.

Kina's K9s, Series 1 Episode 5

Kina serves time in jail but it’s all in a good cause as he meets the team of dog handlers in prison who are giving back to society by training mobility dogs for people in wheelchairs.