Kete Kōrero

Kete Kōrero is an animated webseries around Māori mythology. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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Kete Kōrero - Māori: Episode 1

Mana's great fish. Mana is crafting a special hook so that he can fish with the other boys; but they wont let him join in. Poor Mana, maybe the tale of his great ancestor Maui Tikitiki will help him land a great fish?

Kete Kōrero - Māori: Episode 2

Pānia makes a friend. It's a beautiful day for flying a kite however Pania isn’t having much luck launching hers into the air. Pania seeks help to get her kite flying and in the process she makes a new friend.

Kete Kōrero - Māori: Episode 5

Mana and the Sun. Master builder Mana tirelessly works to complete a magnificent block tower… well at least he tries to but there are so many other things to be done in his busy day. If only the day was a little bit longer Mana could finish his creation. Mana dreams of his ancestor Maui and awakens to a great idea!

Kete Kōrero - Māori: Episode 7

Rangi's Gifts. It's a big responsibility building a village. Rangi must provide all of the things that his villagers need for a healthy well being, like his ancestor Tane, Rangi collects gifts for his people.

Kete Kōrero - Māori: Episode 9

Mana finds fire. Mana busily builds a campsite in his backyard. Unfortunately, without fire to keep him warm, it’s a bit chilly to be camping. Mana remembers the tale of Mahuika and how his ancestor Maui sought her fiery fingernails to bring fire to his village. Perhaps Mana could seek out some fiery fingernails of his own? Kia kaha Mana.