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Kete Kōrero - Māori: Episode 1

Mana's great fish. Mana is crafting a special hook so that he can fish with the other boys; but they wont let him join in. Poor Mana, maybe the tale of his great ancestor Maui Tikitiki will help him land a great fish?

Kete Kōrero - Māori: Episode 2

Pānia makes a friend. It's a beautiful day for flying a kite however Pania isn’t having much luck launching hers into the air. Pania seeks help to get her kite flying and in the process she makes a new friend.

Kete Kōrero - Māori: Episode 5

Mana and the Sun. Master builder Mana tirelessly works to complete a magnificent block tower… well at least he tries to but there are so many other things to be done in his busy day. If only the day was a little bit longer Mana could finish his creation. Mana dreams of his ancestor Maui and awakens to a great idea!