Kairākau II

Set in pre-colonial Aotearoa, we see the lives of three prominent chiefs doing whatever it takes to keep their people safe and maintain their chiefly honour.

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Kairākau II, Episode 6

M, (MCV) Ruamahu settles the score as the battle at Pukekaikāhu erupts. Mokonuiārangi must choose between securing peace for his people or all out war.

Kairākau II, Episode 5

M, (MCV) Te Purewa declares war while Ruamahu is consumed by revenge. Te Huru’s loyalty is questioned and Tionga is lured into a trap.

Kairākau II, Episode 4

M, (MCV) A grief stricken Te Ramaapakura ventures into unknown territory. Tionga faces the loss of one of his own while Te Purewa waits for the signal of war from Te Rehu o Tainui.

Kairākau II, Episode 3

M, Language, Violence and Sexual Material. MLCVS – Depictions of rape and sexual violence THIS PROGRAMME IS INTENDED FOR VIEWERS OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE. IT MAY INCLUDE DETAILED DEPICTIONS OF SEXUAL VIOLANCE, OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE AND NUDITY WHICH MAY BE CHALLENGING AND OFFENSIVE FOR SOME PEOPLE. IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF HELP, PLEASE CONTACT THE FREE 24/7 SEXUAL HARM HELPLINE 0800 044 334 Uncertainty prevails after a failed attempt on Chief Te Ramaapakura’s life. Ruamahu settles into life with Te Ao and is overwhelmed when she receives an unearthly gift.

Kairākau II, Episode 2

M, (MCV) An unwelcome stranger crosses a tribal boundary forcing Ngāti Rangitihi Chief Tionga to react with caution to a possible alliance between bordering tribes.

Kairākau II, Episode 1

M, (MCV) Early 20th Century Aotearoa, land and resources are scarce. To secure peace for his tribe, Ngāti Awa Chief Te Ramaapakura anticipates an impending invasion by issuing a challenge to his enemy.