Ka Pai Living

Ka Pai Living is a parody of all lifestyle TV shows in NZ - in particular the well known 'Whānau Living' and 'Kiwi Living'.

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Ka Pai Living, Episode 1

M, It's a new season & long-time host Karen Tuakana feels there’s no need for a co-host. New boy Kyle Katikati is eager to impress Karen, and prove his worth to the show.

Ka Pai Living, Episode 2

With his first episode under his belt Kyle has found some confidence and is keen to build his profile; but Karen isn’t keen to share the spotlight and she lets Kyle know who’s the boss.

Ka Pai Living, Episode 3

It’s International Cuddly Toy Day, and Karen & Kyle have brought their toys from home to join them in the studio. Kyle's doll, Uncle Koro, decides that he might just be the star of this show.

Ka Pai Living, Episode 4

PG, It’s International Holiday Day on Ka Pai Living, a time to celebrate every holiday under the sun. Kyle's found his feet and is beginning to step on Karens toes, lines, and everything else.

Ka Pai Living, Episode 5

PG, . Karen is starting to feel threatened by Kyle’s confidence & popularity. She feels it's time for a little sabotage to put Kyle back in his place, and let him know who the star of the show is

Ka Pai Living, Episode 6

PG, . The network aren’t happy with the chemistry between Karen & Kyle, and when word gets out that the show maybe in jeopardy, it's war on the set of Ka Pai Living.

Ka Pai Living, Episode 7

PG, With the TV network making it clear that the next season of Ka Pai Living will only require one host, Karen & Kyle are on full scale alert. It’s time for our presenters to bring their A-gam

Ka Pai Living, Episode 8

PG, Our two hosts Karen & Kyle have been at war for the entire series. With both of their careers on the line and no gurantees of a new contracts in 2021, who will survive this battle of attrit