Huritua is a bite sized DIY guide to every topic relevant to young people. Transforming everyday things into awesomeness.

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Huritua, Series 1 Episode 41

Pokaihau has three birthdays coming up – his Mum’s, Dad’s and his Kuia’s but he has no money. So he transforms household items into brand new, DIY birthday presents. (R)

Huritua, Series 1 Episode 40

Te Aumihi is starting her new hockey season. Her hockey stick is looking very unloved and her fitness is not up to scratch. It’s time to tranform herself in to the hockey Queen she knows she is! (R)

Huritua, Series 1 Episode 38

Matariki has arrived and the parties have started. Hinetāpora is off to a Matariki Dress Up party, so she does simple Matariki makeup, blings out a Matariki dress and she is ready to party! (R)